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Since September of 2013 HITA Securities Inc provides existing and potential clients trading in financial instruments not listed on a regulated market or MTF of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. Hita provides our own HITA OTC market for non listed financial instruments.

OTC (over the counter) is open / secondary market for financial instruments which are not quoted on a regulated market.

Placing an order on HITA OTC market is possible after client signs the Brokerage agreement, and fulfill the questionnaire for clients. After the above, an assessment is made of suitability trading services on the OTC market and the client signs a Declaration which enables them to trade.

Orders on the HITA-OTC market are made over the phone/email.

During the trading day orders are provided to HITA OTC market and a review is made on each trading day in order to review the market and based on the offer to purchase and sale, transactions are created.

Clearing and settlement is carried out through the system of the CDCC, a standard payment term is 2 working days from the date of the transaction.

View of the bids and offers on HITA OTC market is at any time available to all.


LIST OF ALL SECURITIES UNLISTED from the Zagreb Stock Exchange

The risks associated with trading on the OTC market are described in detail in General terms and conditions.
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