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We provide you with easy trading on the Zagreb Stock Exchange as a longtime member of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and ... more

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By phone, e-mail messages or messages through our e-trade information system we provide help ... more

Funds deposit

Account for deposit of funds for the purchase of shares can be seen at the page bottom

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List of branch offices and tied agents with contact details ... more


The system HITA INTERNET TRADING (E-TRADE) is being upgraded for years and provides all the necessary information ... more

OTC market

Enables clients to trade instruments not listed on a regulated market... more


CDCC tax notification

January 5th 2020.

Notice of report on tax on capital gains from the CDCC više


January 3rd 2015.

Notice on the application of capital gains tax više

Cash deposits

September 9th 2019.

Account for payment of funds for the purchase of shares can be downloaded at the bottom of the page

Price list - HITA Securities Inc Brokerage house - investment company

Broker fee

  • From 20kn min
  • per transaction

Broker fee

  • From 0,30% min
  • per transaction

Custody fee

  • From 30kn min
  • For safekeeping

Custody fee

  • From 30kn min
  • per transaction

For more information, see prices/fees in detail - Broker fees - Custody fees

HITA-Securities Inc Investment firm, brokerage house for securities tradingmore

  • Address: Kumičićeva 10, Zagreb

  • Tel: +385 1 4807 750

  • Faks: +385 1 4807 770

  • Email: hita@hita.hr

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