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Hita-securities As a longtime member of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and Central Depository and Clearing Company Inc. (CDCC) provides trading on the Zagreb Stock Exchange:

  • buying and selling securities by order of a client
  • buying and selling securities by order of a client through margin loans from banks with which HITA-securities has signed a business cooperation
  • continuous availability of the broker
  • prompt execution of orders
  • information about the market situation, supply and demand and prices of financial instruments
  • security of data exchange

Before beginning it is necessary to conclude a Brokerage trade agreement.

    The possibilities of negotiating a business relationship:
  • Personal: The contract may be signed in any of our subsidiary, for this You need a personal ID card, checking / savings account card and OIB (for the sale of shares PIN is required if shares are in CDCC)
  • Telephone: Entering the new client can be done over the phone, and it is necessary to prepare the ID card, checking / savings account card and OIB. Contracts are sent to the client's address or email for their signature.
  • Internet: E-TRADE: client login - registration. Contract and the CUSTOMER INFORMATION SHEET shall be sent to the email specified at registration.

Investment company HITA Securities Inc is an active member of the Zagreb Stock Exchange and the Central Depository Agency, based on the license issued by the Croatian Agency for Supervision of Financial Services (HANFA) authorized to trade financial instruments.

HITA Securities Inc offers mediation services in buying and selling financial instruments on the Zagreb Stock Exchange and foreign markets.

There is a wide range of services HITA Securities Inc provides its customers in the purpose of small fast and efficient trading.

Buying and selling securities - in person, by phone, via the Internet

In addition to personal contact with a broker that you can accomplish by coming to the premises of the Company and by phone, HITA Securities Inc offers trading through Hita Internet trading system.

Hita internet trade (E-TRADE) allows you to quickly, easily and efficiently trade via the Internet. Years of investing in information system for trading in financial instruments, which is based on an advanced "Silverlight" platform. Hita E-TRADE service has been recognized by our customers as an advanced trading system, primarily oriented to the needs and demands of the wide public.

Hita mobile trading system(M-TRADE) is particularly suited to all E-TRADE users at a time when they do not have access to a computer, and thus the possibility of trade. M-TRADE is adapted to all mobile devices with Internet access. Provides users with information necessary for fast and efficient securities trading.

HITA Securities Inc also offers custody service of financial instruments. The service is available to all clients of the Company who want high quality and professional care of financial instruments. Choosing HITA Securities Inc for caregivers taking care of your financial instruments to qualified team that guarantees individual and professional approach in providing custody services.

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