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Hita Securities Inc investment company. brokerage house. reliable partner.

HITA - VRIJEDNOSNICE, founded in 1992 under the name HITA-INVESTING, is a private joint stock company that provides services in securities trading. HITA-INVESTING has been providing brokerage services for over 17 years now and the beginning was in 1994 when HITA-INVESTING became a member of the Varaždin stock exchange. In 1999 HITA-INVESTING changed its name to HITA-VRIJEDNOSNICE d.d. Company name in english is HITA-SECURITIES, and in german HITA-WERTPAPIEREN A.G.

We constantly innovate in service delivery combined with a personal approach to customers with continuous access to the broker. Significant investment in information technology enables us to react quickly to market changes. Good knowledge of local market opportunities, and many years of experience in the domestic capital market has yielded more than 50,000 loyal customers of which over 5,000 active internet customers.


To become a leading independent investment company in Croatia, which provides a comprehensive investment service.


Enable customers to achieve investment objectives in an effective and fast way. Create satisfied customers, employees and shareholders. Make a positive contribution to the development of domestic capital markets.

Listed in the CDCC: HITA-R-A
Matični broj: 3962172
OIB: 32998446701 MBS 080195224
Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
IBAN: HR6523900011100352151

Brokerski IBAN: HR7523900011300004161

Skrbnički IBAN: HR8523900011300004660

Temeljni kapital: 7.250.000 kn podijeljen na 37.000 dionica bez nominalne vrijednosti, uplaćen u cijelosti

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